The SMART Act (H.R. 3664)

Consumers should have the right to choose where and how to repair the products they purchase. However, Americans looking to fix a range of devices today are facing increasing restrictions on access to data, tools, and parts. Right to repair is a growing, consumers-first movement that’s rooted in the belief that Americans should have more choices – not less.  Car repair prices are on the rise, squeezing consumers who are keeping their vehicles for longer than before. This is due in part to tactics by manufacturers, including patent misuse, that limit options. Automakers are drastically increasing the number of patents they apply for, roughly 250% in at least one case.

The time to act is now. Americans have a right to own their car’s data, the right to have their car repaired at independently-owned repair shops that are as equally equipped to service them as any auto dealer, and the right to choose the parts they want.

The SMART Act (H.R. 3664) is a key bill to restore consumer choice and lower repair costs. Sign the petition to support the SMART Act today!


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