About Us

My Parts Choice was initially launched by the Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) as a consumer information portal to ensure consumer parts choice and right to repair options are not terminated or compromised by car companies.

My Parts Choice is dedicated to providing consumers with the resources needed to fully understand and manage the auto repair process, and the importance of choice when considering the parts used in repairs.

As vehicles become more complex and expensive the consumer can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the various claims and statements they hear from interested parties. Let’s face it, your vehicle(s) purchase will comprise your 2nd largest expense just behind your mortgage. With loans now being extended out to 6 or 7 years, it is imperative that your vehicle maintenance and repairs be completed to try and retain the vehicle value.

A new vehicle can be thrilling, a status statement, or just a level of personal achievement that many of us enjoy however this feeling of joy eventually leads to a feeling of despair when the repair bills start becoming a reality. Suddenly you find you need brakes, tires, or other mechanical service or you are involved in a collision and are faced with the stressful details of getting your vehicle back on the road, safely. All these issues can be confusing and complicated as technicians and advisors are telling what you need and what it will cost.

Currently, you have a CHOICE to allow your dealership to repair your vehicle, using only the car company branded parts, or you can use an independent repairer to perform the repairs using alternative (aftermarket) parts. The keyword here is it is your choice, but recently there are many efforts by the car companies to eliminate the independent repair parts, which eliminates your choice. We hope you will watch the videos and read the articles we have prepared so you can see how these actions to eliminate your choice will impact your cost of vehicle repair and then take steps to let your elected officials know that competition is important, and you must have a choice when it comes to repair services.